Are You A Grammar Guru?

Student Reading a TextbookHey all of you smarty pants out there! Do you think you’re a rock star when it comes to grammar? Take our quiz and find out if you’re a Grammar Guru!





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Librarian Profile: Clare Dickie and Maureen McCann

hongkongClare Dickie
Grade 7/8 Social Studies Teacher

Maureen McCann
Middle School Librarian

Hong Kong International School in Tai Tam Hong Kong

At the 21st Century Learning Hong Kong Conference this past December, Clare Dickie and Maureen McCann conducted the workshop, Research….It’s That Easy! Clare and Maureen demonstrated how EasyBib’s citation and notebook tools support information literacy skill development for their students at Hong Kong International School.

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EasyBib Named An “Essential Electronic Resource” by School Library Journal

In a recent School Library Journal survey, librarians across the country were asked to share their favorite electronic resource.  Who was listed as one of the ten favorites? EasyBib! Woohoo!

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What’s Up With Wikipedia?

Wikipedia has officially taken over our students’ research projects! According to our data, Wikipedia is the most commonly cited website on EasyBib. Students love using Wikipedia, but do they understand how the articles are created? Do they know what to look for to determine credibility? Do they understand how to use Wikipedia? Share this three minute video with your students to help them understand Wikipedia and learn how to use it for research purposes!

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