Here Are 15 K-12 Librarians You Need to Follow On Twitter

Our post on 10 academic librarians that you need to follow was a huge hit, so we are coming out with a second iteration . . . but for K-12 librarians this time!

Like many of you, we love to follow superstar librarians like Shannon Miller, Buffy Hamilton, Gwyneth Jones, Joyce Valenza, Tiffany Whitehead and Jennifer LaGarde. We want to share with you some other great librarians you can learn from, too!

In no particular order, here are 15 K-12 librarians that will improve and expand your PLN:

Nancy Jo Lambert @NancyJoLambert

K-5 Librarian, Co-Moderator of #txlchat

Frisco, TX

Sue Kowalski @spkowalski

Middle School Librarian

Syracuse, NY

Andy Plemmons @plemmonsa

Elementary Librarian

Athens, GA

Sarah Ludwig @sarah_ludwig

Dean of Digital and Library Services

Simsbury, CT

Jane Lofton @jane_librarian

High School Teacher Librarian

San Pedro, CA

Travis Jonker @100scopenotes

Elementary Librarian

Wayland, MI

Kathy Kaldenberg @scsdmedia

K-12 School Librarian

Solon, IA

Who else is on the list? Find out . . . after the jump!

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Which Famous Librarian Are You?

There have been some serious rockstar librarians throughout history! Take this quiz to find out which one you most resemble! 

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Don’t Fear the Semicolon!

Am I the only one who doesn’t completely detest semicolons? They seem like tricky business, looking like a hodge-podge of a colon and a comma and all that, but it’s really not that difficult to use them.

Check out this three-minute video to learn:

  • What semicolons do
  • How to identify if a sentence requires a semicolon
  • The proper use of semicolons

(You will also appreciate this video if you like Internet-famous cats.)

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Books, Search Engines, and Databases – Help Your Students Find Sources!

With all of the information out there, it can be difficult for students to locate different types of sources! In this three minute video, your students will understand:

  •  What a library catalog is
  • The organization of fiction and nonfiction materials
  • The difference between search engines and databases

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