Corroborating and Challenging Accuracy of Sources

Overview In this lesson, you will learn how to corroborate and challenge sources. Evaluating Sources While researching, you will encounter a variety of sources. These can be written texts, speeches, or quantitative data presented in charts and graphs. As a diligent researcher, you need to carefully consider what sources you use and […]

3 Online Quiz Tools Elementary Teachers Love

Technology can be used in many ways in the classroom to differentiate instruction, motivate student learning, and monitor student progress. In particular, I love the many free quiz tools that can easily be used in the classroom to both engage and assess students. Here are several of my favorites and […]

Why Evaluate?

Overview You will learn: The importance of evaluating websites Issues you might come across while you’re evaluating websites What to consider when researching online As a reminder, essentially anyone can publish pretty much whatever they want. This is the main reason it is important to evaluate web sites. Be smart! […]