Corroborating and Challenging Accuracy of Sources

Overview In this lesson, you will learn how to corroborate and challenge sources. Evaluating Sources While researching, you will encounter a variety of sources. These can be written texts, speeches, or quantitative data presented in charts and graphs. As a diligent researcher, you need to carefully consider what sources you use and […]

3 Online Quiz Tools Elementary Teachers Love

Technology can be used in many ways in the classroom to differentiate instruction, motivate student learning, and monitor student progress. In particular, I love the many free quiz tools that can easily be used in the classroom to both engage and assess students. Here are several of my favorites and […]

Evaluating Sources

Research involves critical thinking and evaluation skills in order to select credible and appropriate sources. These lessons provide strategies and tips to doing so. The CRAAP Method of Evaluating Credibility Evaluating Website Credibility Evaluating a Speaker’s Arguments Infographic: Website Credibility Determining Purpose Determining the Author’s Purpose Determining a Speaker’s Purpose Video […]