Free PD: Being Prepared and Connected at Conferences!

Attending a conference is an exciting experience. Learning about new topics and trends, meeting influential individuals and checking out innovative products are just part of the fun. During this 30-minute session, Emily Gover and Michele Kirschenbaum, EasyBib in-house librarians, will provide helpful suggestions to prep for this summer’s conferences, and discuss ways to stay connected during all sessions and presentations. Join us on this FREE Professional Development Session.

Our presenters, Emily Gover and Michele Kirschenbaum, EasyBib’s very own in-house librarians.

What questions do you have for Emily and Michele? Tell us in the comments or shoot us a message on Twitter.

Want to learn straight from the experts? Get all the registration information… after the jump!

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Understanding Struggles between High School and Higher Ed

Research shows that college freshmen face a real challenge when they first conduct research at the college level. Despite their high levels of confidence, the reality is that many of them lack information literacy skills to find and access academic resources and scholarly information, in turn hindering their academic careers.

Where are students struggling with information literacy? How are students using sources in higher ed? And how have K-12 librarians tackled this issue to better prepare their students for research in higher education?

This informational presentation will discuss what we have learned from both external studies as well as our own data analysis from EasyBib’s 40 million users. Check out the presentation below:

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Security Updates for ‘Heartbleed Bug.’

On Monday, April 7th news broke out that a major vulnerability in the OpenSSL cryptographic library was discovered. OpenSSL is a popular encryption service used by almost two-thirds of the internet for data encryption. Known as the Heartbleed Bug, this vulnerability gave attackers access to normally encrypted passwords and other highly sensitive data.

While we have not detected any attack on our services, as part of our commitment to security, we have taken the appropriate steps to protect our users’ accounts and information.
Braintree, our credit card processor, has also taken steps to ensure that user information is secure. PayPal, our other payment processor, have also assured their users that their data is secure.

While our systems are now secure, we recommend that all users change their passwords for all of our services as an added measure of security.

It is also recommended that users change their email passwords as a safety measure.

We thank you for your time. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Announcing New Citation Styles!

In an ongoing effort to improve our services, we’ve decided to add a new citation style to EasyBib.

See our video below for more info:



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EasyBib Has a New Librarian on Staff!

Hi all, my name is Allison Cloyd, and I am the newest librarian at EasyBib! I’m excited to introduce myself and tell you about my new role.

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