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New EasyBib Feature: Project Folders

You asked for it, we made it a reality! Our new feature, project folders, allows teachers and students to organize individual and shared projects.  Teachers can organize folders based on classes and students can easily drag and drop their project into the appropriate folder. A folder can be made private, which can only be seen by the user, or public which will . Students can see which folders are public by looking at the symbol next to the folder name.

To share a project with someone, simply click the “Share” button and type in the email address of the recipient. You’ll be able to select the permissions for those viewing your project, and add it to a public or private folder.

Using project folders can help:

  • Teachers organize student projects into groups or classes 
  • Teachers to easily view and comment on students’ notecards and bibliographies before they start writing their papers
  • Students and researchers organize their own projects and archive older projects

Check out this video on how to use the new project folders feature:

  • holly frilot

    So fabulous. THANK YOU!

    • Jenny Kessman

      We’re glad that you’re happy with the new feature! Have a great day, Holly!