Security Updates for ‘Heartbleed Bug.’

On Monday, April 7th news broke out that a major vulnerability in the OpenSSL cryptographic library was discovered. OpenSSL is a popular encryption service used by almost two-thirds of the internet for data encryption. Known as the Heartbleed Bug, this vulnerability gave attackers access to normally encrypted passwords and other highly sensitive data.

While we have not detected any attack on our services, as part of our commitment to security, we have taken the appropriate steps to protect our users’ accounts and information.
Braintree, our credit card processor, has also taken steps to ensure that user information is secure. PayPal, our other payment processor, have also assured their users that their data is secure.

While our systems are now secure, we recommend that all users change their passwords for all of our services as an added measure of security.

It is also recommended that users change their email passwords as a safety measure.

We thank you for your time. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Farewell to MLA 6!

MLA CitationIn March of 2009, the Modern Language Association, better known as the MLA, released the 7th edition of their handbook.  Even though the 7th edition was released five years ago, several schools were still using the 6th edition (which is why we kept it around).

In June, we will phase out MLA 6 and will only have the 7th edition available on EasyBib.

Here are some of the differences between MLA 6 and MLA 7:

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High-Interest Alternatives to Traditional Book Reports

students1What’s the number one way to get students excited, motivated and enthusiastic about learning? Create activities and lessons that correlate with their interests! Here are some fun and innovative alternatives to traditional book reports.



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Are You Going to TXLA 2014?

Eli Rothschild

Eli Rothschild, Texas School and Library Representative, will be at the Texas Library Association Conference from April 8 – 11. Visit him at booth #1332 if you have any questions, comments or feedback related EasyBib or ResearchReady. We’ll be giving away some free stickers and bookmarks and you’ll have a chance to win a free subscription EasyBib!

Take our Dewey Decimal Quiz, give Eli your results and he’ll enter you into our drawing. Yup, it’s that simple. If you want a shout out on our Twitter account, swing by and take a photo with Eli.

Stop by booth #1332 and say hello!

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