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“Snow” Many Options to Grow Professionally!

MC900331453So you have another snow day! Sounds like the perfect opportunity to catch up on Game of Thrones, right?  Even though you might be tempted to waste the day away, snow days are great opportunities to grow professionally. Here are some things you should check out while rocking some sweet jammies or a Snuggie in the comfort of your own home.

Webinar1. Webinars

While webinars introduce you to new and innovative topics, many, unfortunately are held during instructional time. So many teachers skip out! Don’t let that stop you from signing up! Oftentimes you’ll receive an email containing an archive of the webinar after the live session is over. EasyBib and many other companies including TurnItIn and Education Week provide free PD webinars each month.

All of EasyBib’s previous webinars can be accessed here on our YouTube page.

Our next PD webinar, Gaming in the Library, will take place on February 20th at 3pm EST. Sign up here!

2. Twitter

Twitter may seem like just another social media site, but it is a game changer.  The ability to follow prominent individuals in your field can provide you with quick and easy access to their innovative ideas. Looking to get started? Here are some fantastic people to follow:

Shannon Miller 
Steven W. Anderson
Dr. Michele Borba
Nicholas Provenzano
Tom Whitby 

3. Journal and Magazine Websites

Subscribing to print magazines and journals usually means shelling out quite a few bucks. To save money, I often check out their websites to access featured articles and reports.  You’ll also find product reviews and teacher resources. Here are a few good ones to check out:

Tech & Learning
School Library Journal
Education Next

4. Blogs

Subscribing to a blog is a great way to see what’s going on in another educator’s classroom. Filled with photos, videos, and handouts, you might find some inspiring ideas!  Many bloggers also share their opinions on hot topics and provide info on neat resources.

Here are some that I recommend:

Kleinspiration by Erin Klein, Elementary Teacher
Van Meter Library Voice by Shannon Miller
A Principal’s Reflections by Eric Sheninger, Principal
A Media Specialists’ Guide to the Internet by Julie Greller

5. Listservs

Listservs are discussion forums where educators can post questions or comments. Looking for advice on integrating Kindles into your classroom?  Trying to locate information for an upcoming project? Many times you’ll find that others are asking the same questions you are!

After signing up, you’ll receive an email for each question that is posed on the forum.  If you find that you’re receiving too many emails, you can sign up for a digest version. This will give you one email per day, with a condensed version of the day’s questions.

You’ll find listserv options on your national and state association pages.

Here are a few others to check out:

EDTECH – a discussion on educational technology
LM-NET – for school librarians
National Association for Multicultural Education

So, take a break from Facebook and Candy Crush, and grow a bit professionally! You’ll find some exciting and innovative ideas to bring back to the classroom!

Michele Kirschenbaum is an information literacy librarian for EasyBib and ResearchReady. You can find her on Twitter, @Michele_EasyBib, or posting news you can use at the EasyBib Librarians Facebook page.

  • Neal Taparia

    There is so much information out there. What are the best way to sort through it all?

  • Ross Cranwell

    I love the idea of catching a Webinar on a snow day. I find it can be hard to coordinate a time to attend one, so often wait for the link to the recording to watch it in my own time

  • Danny C. Chan

    This is a smart idea, and definitely applicable today!