The 11 Newest and Hottest EdTech Tools for 2014-2015

HOME-2It’s almost time to start the school year! Here’s a look at some of the newest and hottest edtech tools!


Brookstone Pocket Projector Mobile 85-Lumen

This pocket sized, portable projector allows you to quickly project from your mobile phone, ipad, or other device. Now that classrooms and libraries are shifting their furniture to reflect more of an open learning space, being able to quickly project a student’s presentation or a video seems pretty cool.

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The Lively Librarians, Episode 1: Makerspaces!

Buzzword of the month: makerspaces! We’re seeing TONS of articles, blog posts, and tweets on makerspaces, and for many of you, this is a new concept. Want to learn more about this exciting addition to your school? Check out the first vlog by “The Lively Librarians,” Emily Gover and Michele Kirschenbaum!

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • Why libraries are the ideal environment for makerspaces
  • Resources you will need
  • Common misconceptions about makerspaces
  • Classroom management
  • Funding options
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Create the Perfect Title Page with EasyBib

titlepageDo you struggle when creating a title page for your research paper? There are so many options to consider—where does the class name go? What the heck is a “running head”? Do you align the text to the center or left? Now you don’t have to worry, EasyBib does it all for you!

With EasyBib’s new title page feature, students can create the perfect title page for research papers in minutes. Simply add in the necessary information, select your formatting style and press “Create Title Page.” From there, your title page will automatically download to your computer.

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EasyBib Named An “Essential Electronic Resource” by School Library Journal

In a recent School Library Journal survey, librarians across the country were asked to share their favorite electronic resource.  Who was listed as one of the ten favorites? EasyBib! Woohoo!


Reproduced, with permission from The Digital Shift © Copyright a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. Library Journals, LLC

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Let’s Celebrate National Library Week!

Wendy TwitterNational Library Week is around the corner and we’re pumped! To help celebrate, we’re inviting teachers and librarians across the country to post photos of your students using EasyBib! Choose one of your photos to share on Twitter with a caption and the hashtag #EasyBibNLW14.  For every school that posts a photo and tells us how their students are using EasyBib, we’re going to donate $1 to the New York Public Library!

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