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The Tools Your Students Need

I am one of more than 8 million people who call New York City home. With so many people, it is nearly impossible not to meet someone new everyday, and the conversations usually leads to what I do for work. When I mention that I work for EasyBib, they always go, “Wow! I love EasyBib.” With over 40 million users, I’m no longer surprised by just how many people are aware of our product. It is the enthusiasm with which they respond that blows me away; genuine excitement for a research tool, our research tool. These chance encounters have me thinking, “How many students use educational technology to assist in their research and what has been the outcome?”

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After spending some time sifting through articles and blogs about education technology, I came to two conclusions. First, using technology as a teaching and research tool is becoming the norm. Most students rely on technology to some degree during the learning process, whether they are independently seeking it out via the web, or are instructed to do so by their educators. We have experienced this at EasyBib with a number of schools. For example, Ohio State University had high student EasyBib usage before deciding to subscribe. After subscribing, they saw an 86% increase in student usage.

EasyBib Lib screenDrew Hendricks, a writer with the Huffington Post, summed up my second conclusion perfectly when he wrote, “Technology can improve focus and boost students’ self-esteem, not to mention teach them valuable skills like fast, accurate typing and using online search engines to find trustworthy sources for research.” Technology empowers students but it has its limits. Educators still play a crucial and invaluable role in reinforcing good study habits and introducing technology that is instructional and beneficial.

Educators have the opportunity to guide their students towards tools that will best fit their needs and those of the student. Good educational tools should be user-friendly, accessible and instructional. Unfortunately, there are oftentimes too many tools and too many companies trying to sell products that educators, and students, may not need. At EasyBib, we want you to make the most informed decision when purchasing educational products for your students. 

Great educators and great educational technology help to make great students. We are always working on new tools and resources to help educators teach their students proper literacy skills. We believe that spotlighting schools whose tech-savvy students are independently using EasyBib to manage their research would be a great opportunity to show just how often students are actively using our service. The image linked above is a case study we created for Columbia University, a school that is not currently subscribed to our services, but has a large population of students actively using the free version of EasyBib. We wanted to illustrate the extent at which students are already using EasyBib, and also show how we can either replace or complement the current education technologies your school may already use.

If you want a spotlight done for you school, sign up here and we’ll provide one just for you. In fact, one of our Information Literacy Librarians will provide the perfect solution to best serve your students’ needs. At the end of the day, all we want is to ensure that your students are provided with the best educational resources they deserve.

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Stephanie Van Cleave is the Marketing Associate here at EasyBib, and will help to provide a behind-the-scenes look into our company. You can contact her via email at Stephanie[at]