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What 10,000 Students Told Us About Information Literacy

A couple of months ago, we announced the initial findings of a survey that we conducted with over 10,000 EasyBib users and more than 1,200 librarians and educators. In the meantime, check out this interactive presentation, featuring videos, polls, infographics and more, summarizing some of the major points from our initial report.

Want to learn more? Click here, or submit your information as you go through the presentation to be the first to know about the latests statistics from our in-depth report.


We’re excited to announce we will be released new data in the coming weeks, with even more detailed analysis on how librarians are teaching information literacy, how students are approaching research, and what differences we’ve noticed from our initial report in 2012. Want to hear about the statistics first? Sign up here!

*Tip: Make sure to click “play” next to the headphones to hear a detailed voiceover for each slide!

Emily GoverEmily Gover is the information literacy librarian for EasyBib and ResearchReady. You can find her on Twitter, @Emily_EasyBib, or posting news you can use at the EasyBib Librarians Facebook page.