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Which Dewey Decimal Category Are You?

We know you love your library! Ever wonder what it would be like to become a book? Where would you be in the library? Which Dewey Decimal number would you be given? Take this quiz to find out!

  • Samuel Youn


  • Ross Cranwell


  • Caity Selleck

    This is amazing and nerdy and wonderful. I’m 600s – Applied Sciences for the win!

  • Wendy Ikemoto

    Jack-of-all-trades 000’s!

    • klhayes

      Yay us!!!

  • Joan E. Beaudoin

    000s – love this!

  • Holly Kristine Cavanaugh


  • Eva Mostraum

    900’s! And a picture of Mount Rushmore, as kitch as you can get in my opinion.

  • Nicole K. McKinney

    200’s- Religion & Mythology…Spot on!

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  • Stephen Welch


  • Ricky Moffett

    600’s Whatever! Applied sciences. That’s cool.

  • Erin Blankert

    500’s! Natural Sciences… that’s why I hold degrees in Environmental Science!

  • disqus_xkUvROpuwp

    800’s – right on the money!

  • Pinkophile

    Half right. 300’s Social Sciences and 700’s Arts and Recreation. Interesting game.

  • Neal Taparia


  • lexalexander

    300s. I wonder to what extent that outcome was influenced by the fact that “Man in the Moon” was the only offered song I liked and “The Fast and the Furious” was the only offered movie I hadn’t seen. But it is true that I never miss an election.

  • jay hernewacke

    some questions did not fit at all.

  • Stubear

    800s, but one thing I wouldn’t do if I were designing this is to make the first option on the first question a gramatical error

  • Rimouski


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  • Jodie E Druce

    If I won a million dollars, the first thing I would buy, is a house!
    I suppose a puppy will be the closest 2nd.

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  • Stephanie

    800’s – Literature!!! So right on!

  • Lynn Fletcher Shurden

    Not surprising to me.

  • Ross

    Good results, but the wrong flag. Ahem.

  • rozwarren

    300s. Nailed it.

  • Mark Royal

    500’s, but can’t stand plants, don’t really care to dress appropriately, rarely check the weather, like nature, but wouldn’t consider myself a naturalist. So a big ‘meh’ to this test.

  • SRSwain

    Yep. Pretty close. And fun. Thanks.

  • MorgaineSwann

    I scored in the 400s – languages!

  • Cpt_Justice

    800 – Literature. Ok. Expected History, but, this’ll do .

  • theappleogist


  • lbryvxn


  • http://www.få Herdis Stjer

    tilnærmelsesvis rigtigt.

  • Lesa

    500s, yay!

  • Beth Pfleger


  • Stephanie Augustin


  • Michael J. Tobias

    I’ve taken it 3 times now…sorry, your quiz is WAY off.

  • Priscilla Dayton Clark

    The 500’s are just about right!

  • Vranesh

    This is creepily accurate…!

  • Miss_Pshaw

    My first air punch of 2014! I wanted the 800’s but couldn’t see how to outsmart the quiz, so just answered honestly. How did you know I am a true bookworm; always in a fantastic book; at my library often; appreciative of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, plays, theater, and the arts; and able to recite the plot of quite a few
    Shakespeare plays?

  • sarij

    800! Why yes, I do have quite the Shakespeare collection on my shelves.

  • मठीयस

    900-s, History. I’m a mathematician…

  • Melissa Olson Patrick

    900’s That’s me for sure!

  • kashicat

    800s — Literature. As my “Well, Duh” for the day. :-)

  • gladeslibrarian

    200s – spot on! 😀

  • Jan Olesen

    Well I will be dying. That is amazing. Right on the spot. Michele you are a genius or a clairvoyant or both.

  • Judith Langley


  • rogerogreen

    You got the 300’s – Social Sciences! You are interested in politics and make a point to vote every single Election Day! (that part IS true) Having a steady and well paying job (well, steady) is extremely important to you and you work hard to save money for future endeavors (not so much). Your family and your traditions helped shape who you are (probably) and you look forward to family gatherings for special occasions (OK)!

    Play Again?

  • Jonathan

    800s. didn’t see that one coming. whoo

  • Timo Voipio

    What’s the point of Cesar Millan? Someone who intentionally hurts animals, or was that meant to be chosen by a dog person?

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  • Svein Olav Glesaaen Nyberg


  • uhyep

    000s. But how general. I’d say I’m 028.8

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  • getoverit

    200’s – spot on

  • James Jordan

    I’m not complaining lol

  • Pål H. Bakka

    000s. Generalist ! To be expected after 30 years.

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  • Fotis


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  • awkwardMEOW

    Hmm.. it failed me. 600s? Applied Sciences? NO. I do NOT enjoy cooking or making meals. Taking care of my body is also not one of my focuses. :( It seems to think I belong there cuz I said I’d buy my dream car…. but that’s only because I have good computers and have never owned a car.

    • awkwardMEOW

      if I swap out the new car for a new computer it puts me in the 000s. That’s more like it!

  • Jane Lawrence

    300’s – that’d be about right!!

  • Faye Strauss Foster

    900’s so me I will read a good non-fiction history over a fiction novel any day

  • Katrine Tissandier


  • Chasidy Norman

    800’s…so true

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  • Stephan

    900 – right on the money… except for the country

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  • Terrance Mc Arthur

    As a storyteller, I expected the 300s. As a puppeteer/magician, I thought of the 700s. I ended up with the 800s, and my co-workers were nodding and saying “Well, Duh!”

  • Thanh Nguyen

    600’s! Love the carrrrr

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  • thegreenmachine

    500s! 😀

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  • AprilInAutumn

    500s! But I work in a library that only has 200s.

  • DonnaMoab

    900’s – definitely me!

  • Pam

    300’s Social Sciences – I want to save the world!

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  • Paula


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