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Which Famous Librarian Are You?

There have been some serious rockstar librarians throughout history! Take this quiz to find out which one you most resemble! 

Michele Michele Kirschenbaum is an information literacy librarian for EasyBib and ResearchReady. You can find her on Twitter, @Michele_EasyBib, or posting news you can use at the EasyBib Librarians Facebook page.

  • Allison Cloyd

    Beverly Cleary – I didn’t know she’s a librarian! Awesome!

  • Jenny Kessman

    I’m Melvil Dewey! I definitely am organized and like everything to have its own place.

  • Emily Gover

    I got Lewis Carroll. 😀 (I am a bit of an Anglophile, of course.) I wonder which librarian was connected to a pigeon? Was it me? 😉