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We love our subscribers, even more when they teach us a thing or two! One of our Outreach and Marketing Associates, Jeanette Netwal, sent us some information about one of her clients,  Michelle Luhtala, and how she let her colleagues and students know about their EasyBib School Edition access.

PLEASE NOTE: These steps may NOT apply to your account or situation. Read on to see how Michelle creatively explains the registration process using these simple steps and screen caps.


Step 1: Find the coupon code section.

Coupon Code

Step 2: Click on “Coupon Codes” in top right-hand corner and type [your coupon code] into the “redeem a coupon” field and click “Apply.”

Apply Coupon Code


Step 3: Don’t set up a new account. Wait for the screen on the right to load and click Google. This will only work on campus. If you are off campus, you will still need to enter the coupon code.

Logging in for the first time

Step 4: You’re finished! If you see advertisements on your page, EasyBib did not recognize your “Pro” status. Enter the coupon code again and if it still does not recognize it, contact your EasyBib representative.


Michelle has also created video tutorials to show students how to use specific EasyBib features, such as copying and pasting databases citations into a bibliography.

Have you created anything to let your colleagues and student body of know of their upgrades? Contact Jennifer[at]imagineeasy[dot]com  to share your story.


Jenny Kessman
Marketing Associate

Jenny Kessman is the Marketing Associate here at EasyBib, and will provide a behind-the-scenes look into our company. You can contact her via email at Jennifer[at]